One of the founders of Russian Slavic studies, Slavic Russian paleography, dialectology, a teacher who brought up a brilliant generation of Slavists of the second half of the 19th century.


Руски учен от български произход, теоретик и литературовед, изследовател на литературните и културните явления и процеси на Българското възраждане и на българската менталност.


Руски славист, езиковед, историк, археограф.

Филолог, историк, археограф, палеограф, нумизмат, фолклорист, един от основоположниците на руското славянознание, основоположник на руската българистика.


Български историк от руски произход, медиевист, участвал в подготовката за издаване на латински и гръцки извори за българската история.


Руски историк, публицист и политически деец, преподавател в Московския и Софийския университети, почетен доктор на Кеймбриджкия университет.


Руски медиевист и византолог, специалист по средновековна история на южните славяни и руско-византийски отношения


Руски историк-славист. Специализира се върху рецепцията на богомилството в Източна Европа и историята на Втората българска държава, южнославянските литератури и тяхното въздействие върху източните славяни.

November 28, 1906 – September 30, 1999

Russian theorist and historian of literature, philologist, paleo-Slavicist, cultural scientist, art critic.


A writer, poet, historian, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, director of the Moscow Armory, and a State Councilor at the end of his career.


In the mid-19th century, little was known in Russia about the Slavo-Turkic region of Herzegovina. In 1858 a small article, The Annals of Herzegovina 1831-1857, authored by a hieromonk of Mostar, Prokopije Čokorilo was published in the Slavophile journal Russkaya beseda (“Russian Conversation”) and became one of the first works in Russian which dealt with this region of the Balkans.


The greatest Serbian writer of her time and author of numerous collections of poems, several novels and storybooks for children. She made a great contribution to developing the expressivity of the Serbian poetic language, enriching it with new subtle images, and managing to explore, like no one else, the inner world of the female soul.

August 22, 1927 – April 11, 2011

Bulgarian literary critic, expert in Russian studies, author of interpretations of Russian literature and of the relationship between Russian and Bulgarian literature.

May 06, 1920 – January 26, 2018

Bulgarian literary critic and expert in Russian studies, folklorist; worked on problems related to Russian-Bulgarian literary relations and the artistic heritage of a number of Russian classical authors of the 18th and 19th centuries

Българистиката в Русия има устойчива традиция и ярки представители с приносни публикации през ХХ век.

October 7, 1821 – April 26, 1894

Russian Catholic Jesuit, archaeologist and missionary, opponent of the Russian Orthodox Church, who aimed to familiarize the Western reader with Orthodox history and culture. The most significant author and publisher, who wrote in French and Latin for Eastern Orthodoxy, and searched for valuable Slavic monuments.


Bulgarian historian, archivist, archaeographer, lecturer at the Theological Academy in Sofia, Director of the Institute of Bulgarian History and the Institute of Archives at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He dedicated a number of studies to Russian-Bulgarian literary and cultural relations.


Литературен историк и пръв български славист и компаративист, изследовател на литературата на Българското възраждане и на другите славянски, балкански и европейски литератури, създател на модерната българска хуманитаристика.

1894 –1987

Изворовед, историк, археограф, протойерей. В кръга на неговите интереси са славистиката, византинистиката, славянската и гръцката палеография. Един от най-ярките представители на руската емиграция в Югославия. Директор на Архива на Югославската академия на науките и изкуствата в Загреб. Основател и завеждащ на Археографското отделение на Народната библиотека в Белград. Основател на Университета в Скопие.


Български русист, медиевист, езиковед и общественик, посветил живота си на българо-руските езикови и културни контакти.

11/24.11.1909 – 28.12.1991

Български литературен историк, медиевист, специалист по история на славянските литературни връзки и полско-българските литературни отношения.


Български историк, медиевист, византолог, изворовед и палеограф. С изключителен принос в изследването на културната история на Византия, България и южните славяни.

15/28.06.1907 – 02.04.1991

Bulgarian literary historian, teacher, university lecturer, Vice Dean and Vice Rector of St Kliment Ohridski Sofia University. His scientific heritage covers major issues in Bulgarian and Russian medieval and Revival Petiod literature.

25.03(06.04).1833 – 26.11(9.12).1904

Russian literary and cultural historian, ethnographer and publicist who did pioneering work in studying and popularizing the literatures of the South Slavs, and the cultures and folklore of the Slavs in general.

October 20/November 01, 1838 – February 28/March 13, 1906

Bulgarian historian, philologist, Slavicist, ethnographer and folklorist, public and political figure, founder of a number of institutions in post-liberation Bulgaria, a Russian graduate who has linked much of his life with Russia.

October 11, 1928–May 03, 2003

Literary scholar, Professor of Bulgarian Revival Period Literature, Doctor of Philology, one of the most prominent specialists in the field of literature and culture of the Bulgarian Revival. His research has made a significant contribution to the discovery of new fields in the creative and social activities of the Revival Period writers.

March 19/April 1, 1918 – December 23, 2001

Philologist, historian, Byzantologist, Fellow of the British Academy (1974), Professor Emeritus at the University of Oxford (1985), Foreign Member at the History Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1994).


Филолог, литературовед и изворовед с изключителен принос в палеославистиката и литературата на Възраждането, изследовател на руско-българските и българо-руските литературни взаимоотношения.

29.08.1932 - 29.04.2016

Литературен историк в Института за литература при Българската академия на науките, преводач и изследовател на българо-руските и българо-украинскитe литературни връзки през XIX век. Тя е сред най-авторитетните изследователи на преводната литература през епохата на Българското възраждане и на българския културен кръг в Москва.

August 19, 1934 – April 05, 2001

Bulgarian, Russian and Czechoslovakian literary critic, mediaevalist and folklorist.


A Slovenian poet, essayist, politician and public figure, a representative of the young Catholic literary movement, known as “the conscience of his era”, and a dissident. He was the first to speak publicly about secret mass executions in Slovenia after the end of the Second World War. His only collection of short stories, Strah in pogum (“Fear and Courage”, 1951), outpaced the general development of national prose.


The Society of History and Russian Antiquites (SHRA, 1804–1929) is one of the oldest academic societies in Russia, originated at Moscow University with the purpose of the study of and critical publication of Russian chronicles and played an important role in the development of Slavic studies in Russia in the first half of the 19th century.


A slavicist, historian, academician, а far from straightforward figure in the history of Russian scholarship. Coupled with a sincere love for Bulgaria and Bulgarian culture were many of the archetypal traits of the “new academics” of the Soviet nation of the 1920s–1940s.

03(15).06.1867 – 23.12.1942

Руски поет-символист, прозаик, критик, есеист, преводач на български народни песни и на българска поезия.

24.12.1844 (05.01.1845) – 18.09.1936

A famous Russian writer and the author of about 250 artistic and ethnographic essays, novels, short stories, collections of reports and poems.

През ХІХ век в Русия палеославистиката бележи истински разцвет. Все повече се увеличава изворовият материал, събран, описан и издаден от руски учени, изследват се и се издават редица ценни паметници.

August 09/21, 1868 – August 07, 1921

Russian philologist, Bibleist, theologian, specialist in church history and translated literature from Byzantine Greek.


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