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Български учител, писател, поет, преводач, езиковед, фолклорист, общественик.

March 14, 1867 – October 05, 1937

Russian historian, writer and political figure.


Bulgarian writer, critic, teacher, linguist. It is possible to consider him as the author of the earliest prose work in Bulgarian.

01.09.1902 – след 1963

Руски писател и преводач емигрант, един от първите преподаватели по специалността Руска филология в Софийския университет.


Литературен историк и пръв български славист и компаративист, изследовател на литературата на Българското възраждане и на другите славянски, балкански и европейски литератури, създател на модерната българска хуманитаристика.

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1850 – 1921

Ivan Vazov was a Bulgarian poet, prose writer, playwright, whose works have been translated into 52 world languages. Honorary Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1921), Honorary Doctor of Philology, Sofia University (1921).


The first professional Slovenian writer, classic, novelist, playwright, journalist, critic and poet. He was the author of 30 books: nine novels, a range of novellas and collections of fiction, dramatic plays and comedies, a central figure of Slovenian modernism.


A great Bulgarian revolutionary romantic poet and journalist, whose works have been translated into 33 languages.

24.12.1844 (05.01.1845) – 18.09.1936

A famous Russian writer and the author of about 250 artistic and ethnographic essays, novels, short stories, collections of reports and poems.

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SESDiva ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 – S&T

SESDiva. Project № 156

SESDiva aims at creating a virtual museum of written culture in relation to the social, religious, cultural, and ideological environment and relations between the South and East Slavs throughout the centuries from the 11th to the beginning of the 20th century.

Duration: 2018-2020
Program: ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 ‐ S&T Projects