Tatyana Anatolievna Kondratenko

Written by Никола Р. Казански
Tatyana Anatolievna Kondratenko Tatyana Anatolievna Kondratenko


Poetess and well-known Bulgarian children’s writer.


She has been staying in Bulgaria since 1921 and has established herself as a novelist, playwright and publicist. During the first half of the 20th century, she collaborated to not a few editions, such as Nov zhenski svyat newspaper, Mlada bulgarka magazine, Potoche magazine, Kartina I prikazka magazine, Svetlotstruy anthology, and more. Kondratenko authored Поробено щастие [Enslaved Happiness] – a play for children and adolescents, 1935, staged at the National Theatre; Владко в царството на радиото [Vladko in the Realm of the Radio] – collection of children’s tales, 1937, to mention but a few. On the years 1928–1946 she had over 80 publications in children’s and periodical editions (Detsko zdrave, Detski svyat, Ruchey, etc.). T. Kondratenko died in Sofia.


  • Великото сърце. Детска сцена в 2 картини. София, 1931.
  • Поробено щастие. Пиеса за деца и юноши. София, 1935.
  • Владко в царството на радиото. София, 1937.
  • Приказки за майстора. София, 1939.


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