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The Life of Saint Thaïs is the shortest of the three vitae in the 1360 Vidin Miscellany that are devoted to so-called ‘holy harlots’. By presenting the first English translation of this medieval Bulgarian hagiographic text, this contribution wants to give the reader an idea of how such texts looked like and functioned.

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The hagiographic Story of Abraham of Qidun and his niece Mary is an edifying narrative of Syriac origin, mostly transmitted as part of the Saint’s Life of Abraham of Qidun, but which also as an independent text.

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The Life of St Eupraxia of Tabenna is a detailed account of the life and deeds of one of the first Egyptian desert mothers, who entered a desert convent as a child and spent her life in ascetic deeds.

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SESDiva ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 – S&T

SESDiva. Проект № 156

Проект SESDiva направлен на создание виртуального музея письменной культуры по отношению к социальной, культурной, идеологической и религиозной среде и связям между южными и восточными славянами (с XI до начала XX в.).

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