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Dominating Eastern and East-Central Europe from the second half of the first millennium AD onwards, the Slavs in the course of their long history have several times tried to (partially) form political and/or cultural unities. Especially during the nineteenth century (the age of Romanticism and national ‘revivals’) the ethnic characteristic of ‘being a Slav’ was put forward, both sincerely and rhetorically, as the main principle for movements such as Central/Eastern Europe-wide Pan-Slavism and Russian Slavophilia.


Paisius of Hilendar (1722–1773) was a historiographer, the first ideologist of the Bulgarian national revival, credited for the awakening of a national identity in the Bulgarian people.


An outstanding figure of the South Slavic national revival, widely known in the Orthodox Slavic world, a Serbian writer, poet, translator, historiographer and author of the famous The History of different Slavic people primarily of the Bulgarians, Croats and Serbs.


Духовник, водач, деец за самостоятелна българска църква, писател.

ок. 1771–1845

Духовник, просветител, следовник на Софроний Врачански.


Dobri Voynikov was Bulgarian playwright, poet, journalist, director, creator of the Bulgarian theater.

A Bulgarian poet and journalist, a public figure, enlightener, and fighter for the independence of the Bulgarian church.

Юрий (Юрай) Крижанич, Мавро Орбини и Людевит Гай по интересен начин отразяват съвременното им познание за русите и руския език, тяхното място сред другите славянски народи.


Български поет и публицист, радетел за славянско единство.


Български просветен и стопански деец, историк, писател, педадог, с изключителни заслуги в училищното дело.


SESDiva ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 – S&T

SESDiva. Project № 156

SESDiva aims at creating a virtual museum of written culture in relation to the social, religious, cultural, and ideological environment and relations between the South and East Slavs throughout the centuries from the 11th to the beginning of the 20th century.

Duration: 2018-2020
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