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After Paisius of Hilendar, Sophronius of Vratsa was, chronologically speaking, the second most important figure of the Bulgarian national revival, an enlightener of the people and a church hierarchy.


Руски учен от български произход, теоретик и литературовед, изследовател на литературните и културните явления и процеси на Българското възраждане и на българската менталност.

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Български учител, писател, поет, преводач, езиковед, фолклорист, общественик.

Киев е един от притегателните културни и образователни центове за българската възрожденска интелигенция – Н. Бончев, М. Дринов, В. Друмев, митрополит Натанаил Охридски и Пловдивски, Н. Даскалов, Т. Икономов, Т. Бурмов и др.

1810 – January 23, 1877

Bulgarian Renaissance educator, writer, translator, folklorist, teacher. One of the first Bulgarians educated in Odessa education in the 19th century and a participant in the Odessa literary circle. Champion of the development of modern Bulgarian education.


Bulgarian writer, critic, teacher, linguist. It is possible to consider him as the author of the earliest prose work in Bulgarian.


Bulgarian revolutionary, historian, folklorist, journalist, leading figure in the Bulgarian Revival Period and liberation struggles.

1829 – April 25, 1854

Described as the first folklorist, translator and poetess during the Bulgarian Revival Period. One of the outstanding representatives of the Bulgarian intelligentsia in the 19th century. She published poetry and translation literature in periodicals.


Аn amateur scholar and pioneer of Russian-Bulgarian studies, who caused Bulgarians to take a fresh look at their history and awakened in them a sense of national pride.


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