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ок. 1330–16.09.1406

Светец, български и руски книжовник и църковен деятел, виден интелектуалец от кръга на исихастите в края на XIV и началото на XV в., радетел за единството на Руската църква, митрополит Киевски, Московски и на цяла Русия.

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ок. 1300 – после 1375

Афонский сербский монах, дипломат, писатель, переводчик трактата Псевдо Дионисия Ареопагита, автор рассказа о разорении Македонии турками.

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Promulgator of the New Bulgarian education, teacher, writer, translator.

ca 1364/1365 – ca 1419/1420

Metropolitan of Kiev, diplomat, father superior of several monasteries, writer in Bulgarian, Serbian, Moldovan and Russian literature. Author of works in all medieval genres – oratory prose, hagiography and hymnography. Representative of the Tarnovo Literary School.

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1810 – January 23, 1877

Bulgarian Renaissance educator, writer, translator, folklorist, teacher. One of the first Bulgarians educated in Odessa education in the 19th century and a participant in the Odessa literary circle. Champion of the development of modern Bulgarian education.

1829 – April 25, 1854

Described as the first folklorist, translator and poetess during the Bulgarian Revival Period. One of the outstanding representatives of the Bulgarian intelligentsia in the 19th century. She published poetry and translation literature in periodicals.

Bulgarian writer, folklorist, ethnographer, linguist, publisher, teacher, bibliographer, compiler of one of the first Bulgarian folklore collections; active ecclesiastic activity against Phanariotes.


Български просветен и стопански деец, историк, писател, педадог, с изключителни заслуги в училищното дело.

August 28, 1824 – October 22, 1898

Bulgarian man of letters, philologist, writer, poet, folklorist, translator, and diplomat.

May 27, 1833–July 15, 1896

Bulgarian enlightener, man-of-letters and prominent publicist during the Revival Period, author of a number of textbooks, books, articles, plays; with his translations he promotes West European and Russian literature.


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