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Pуски писател и преводач, емигрант от „първата вълна“ в България.


Руски историк, публицист и политически деец, преподавател в Московския и Софийския университети, почетен доктор на Кеймбриджкия университет.

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At different times during the period 1920–1943, Russian white emigrants published in Bulgaria over 80 informational, socio-political, literary, military and other periodicals (magazines, newspapers, and leaflets).

January 07 (19), 1873 – October 13,1931

Russian Biblical scholar and church historian. His works have been identified as the best studies of the history and development of the church in his time.

March 14, 1867 – October 05, 1937

Russian historian, writer and political figure.

July 29 (August 11), 1886–August 12, 1980

Russian artist, writer, folklorist and translator, ‘first wave’ immigrant to Bulgaria, France and Italy.

01.09.1902 – след 1963

Руски писател и преводач емигрант, един от първите преподаватели по специалността Руска филология в Софийския университет.

В богатата и дълга история на руско-българските литературни диалози и обмена на духовни ценности между руси и българи ХХ столетие се вписва като логично продължение на процес, активиран през Българското възраждане. Това е процес, преобърнат по отношение на друг от още по-стари времена.

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During the 1920s and 1930s, Bulgaria proved to be among the most attractive and appropriate focal points of Russian emigrants, where through the local Russian emigrant periodicals and book publishing they revived older trends of Russian public thought, gave birth to new ones or introduced foreign ones.

The prevailing part of the Russian immigrant intelligentsia in Bulgaria in the 1920s and 1930s was characterized by their strongly expressed Slavophile spirit, the increased concern for the fate of the Slavic idea, and a distinctive Slavic consciousness.


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